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Box vs Sharepoint  – A comparison 

box vs sharepoint

More and more businesses are moving towards a cloud content platform to create a more productive, connected and collaborative workplace. As a result, there are an increasing amount of applications in the file sharing and collaborative business space. Microsoft Sharepoint and Box are two of the most popular business solutions in the market today.  
So what is the difference

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Coronavirus scams: How hackers are profiting from Covid-19

coronavirus scams

Many of us are worried what coronavirus will bring next, but for fraudsters, they’re using it as an opportunity to profit.  Cyber criminals have been preying on coronavirus fears since the pandemic began. Action Fraud the UK’s online centre for reporting fraud and cyber crime, reported that £4.6 million had already been lost to coronavirus related scams since lockdown. Security

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Microsoft Teams: A quick guide

Microsoft Teams

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we do businesses and how employees now work. With a current workforce almost entirely remote, this has led to a concern on how a business and its employees can collaborate effectively. Some applications have tried to fill the void but security still remains a concern. That’s where Microsoft Teams comes in. 
What is

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Microsoft Teams VS Zoom: Which Video Conferencing App is best?

video conference

Video conferencing applications have become invaluable to businesses during COVID-19. With a workforce almost entirely working remotely, apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become household names. Both are helping businesses to keep communication flowing and collaboration rolling through video and audio conferencing.
Many businesses will already have been using Microsoft Teams as part of their Microsoft 365 platform (Office 365 for enterprise level

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Covid-19 and the Cyber Issues of a Remote Workforce 

remote working cover-19

The coronavirus outbreak has impacted businesses around the world whether they were ready for it or not. In March, when the government announced the mandatory shutdowns of offices across the UK, an unprecedented number of people found themselves working from home – indefinitely. As a result, organisations and IT Teams have spent the last month trying to enable an entire remote

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Supporting Your Business Remotely During Coronavirus 

remote working London

Coronavirus has dramatically changed our lives and the way we now work. Social distancing has presented our clients and businesses across London with challenges of enabling employees as a remote workforce. In addition, client contact and working with contractors adds to the complexity of keeping open communications and business continuity. 
Organisations  need to ensure employees are able to work productively from

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Coronavirus – Is Your Business Ready?

is your business ready for coronavirus

Will working remotely keep businesses productive while helping to contain Coronavirus?
With more cases of Coronavirus across Britain, the government has estimated that up to a fifth of the workforce may be off sick during its peak in the UK. Oil giant Chevron was the first in the UK to ask its 300 staff not to come into its

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