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188 billion emails per day: Why email signatures are key

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If you add together all the Facebook and Twitter status updates, all the Google, Yahoo and Bing searches, and all the Internet page views, the resulting number is still only a quarter the number of emails sent per day. For businesses, an email will be the most important communication medium for many years. The signature is, therefore, an important component.

3 key benefits from managing email signatures centrally:

  1. Marketing – Get the maximum out of your branding budget by ensuring that every email will convey your businesses professional brand image
  2. Legal – Every single email, including those sent from mobile devices, will be compliant with the correct disclaimer details
  3. IT – Save time by managing all email signatures from one central database.

Increasingly, email is being run by cloud services like MS Office 365 and sent from tablets and smartphones so choose a signature management system that works across these platforms.

There are various different products available for signature management from vendors such as Exclaimer and Crossware.  Which product is best for you will depend on your exact requirements and existing email setup.

How do they work?

  • You send an email from your computer or your mobile device
  • The email goes via your mail server or cloud service and the software attaches all of your branding, contact details and the appropriate disclaimer and advertisements depending on the recipient or sender of the email
  • The email arrives in the recipient’s inbox with all of the correct details and images

A video explaining a bit more about Crossware:

For more details on installation and pricing, send us an email..!

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