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Your Private Cloud, available for you. Whenever.

Bespoke Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cubit can design and implement custom solutions for your business and then host those systems at our data centre facilities in London Docklands.

If your IT infrastructure is all located inside your office in central London, you’re potentially vulnerable - fire, flood, theft or Internet and power outage can cause major disruption to your business.  For secure access to data and a business continuity plan, Cubit can set up a private cloud service. Cubit will consult with you throughout the process:

  • Which applications are most critical to your business?
  • Who needs access to them and from what devices?
  • How much data has to be stored?
  • How much does it change each day?

We can then help you choose between:

Purchasing your own equipment and software, and hosting it in our data centre in order to implement

  • Microsoft Exchange, SQL, RDS
  • File replication servers 
  • Disaster recovery setups


Using virtual servers and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  such as

  • Cubit’s own Hyper-V based system
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services are both thin-client technologies that focus all the data processing onto servers which you can house in Cubit’s secure data centre. Then you can give staff low-cost laptops to work on and they can access all their programs and data from wherever they have an Internet connection. 


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