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  • SBS, Exchange Server or other mail server needs replacing?  
  • Paying too much for hosted email?
  • Unreliable email?

Use Cubit Technology to manage a complete email migration to Office 365 resulting in:

  • lower costs
  • better integration with MS Office 
  • improved security
  • additional file-sharing features

Email migration is a specialist’s project. There are real hazards:

  • to get the entire contents of a CEO’s 20GB mailbox moved over
  • for everyone’s calendars and contacts to be shared correctly
  • for mail distribution groups to be retained
  • to get the full migration done in one weekend
  • all with NO DOWNTIME 

And there are important decisions to make before you choose which version of Office 365 and how it will work for all the people in your organisation.

Contact us now and our experienced Office 365 consultants can guide you through the migration process and provide a fixed project price.

Software Plus Services

Office 365 is an offering from Microsoft which incorporates software plus services. The subscriptions available range in functionality from simple Exchange email services through to a full suite of hosted services including Lync, SharePoint and also licences to install the desktop versions of the Microsoft Office 2013 applications.

In your organisation, if everyone uses Microsoft Outlook, there’s a good chance that Microsoft Office 365 will be the most reliable, secure and economical platform for your email. 

There a range of Enterprise packages giving some advanced features for larger companies. But for organisations up to 300 personnel there are 3 levels:

Office 365 Business Essentials:  Email only = £3.80 per user per month

Office 365 Business:   MS Office only = £7.90 per user per month

Office 365 Business Premium:  Email plus MS Office = £9.40 per user per month

Other features within Office 365 include:

  • Lync – for instant messaging and conference calls
  • OneDrive – for cloud data storage
  • Intranet site – SharePoint can run your own organisation’s info-sharing site

Over the past 2 years, Cubit has migrated several companies’ email away from vulnerable Exchange Servers and Small Business Servers onto MS Office 365.  We can complete a migration with no interruption to email flow and for a fixed price.

Take a look at our case studies page or give us a call to find out about some of the advanced features such as password synchronisation and signature management.


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