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Single Sign On Explaned

Single sign on or SSO, is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple websites or applications with one set of login credentials. This means that once you’ve logged in with your username and password, you don’t have to login repeatedly for every single application linked to the system. It’s like having one key to unlock several locks. 

Single sign on is a central solution which orchestrates the sign on by linking multiple trusted cloud and on prem applications to securely manage and connect users. When you first try to login to an app or website, it first checks to see whether you’ve already been authenticated. If you haven’t, it will ask you to login. The SSO solution then requests authentication from the identity provider such as Active Directory. Once your identity has been verified, SSO passes this authentication data back to the site you’re using which will grant you access.

A good example is Google. Any user that is logged into one Google product such as Gmail, YouTube or Analytics is automatically logged into their other products as well.  

SSO is great for businesses because when someone joins or leaves the team there is only one account to add or remove.

SSO is also great for users because they only need to remember one username and one password!

One login means access to all. This is the power of single sign on systems.

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