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Changing IT Provider - Centor Insurance

As a specialist insurance provider, Centor has a sharp focus on risk.

Having invested in a bespoke document management system that increased efficiency and improved customer service, Centor reviewed their IT infrastructure. It was determined that there were opportunities for improvement. However, it was vital that business operations be maintained and that no risk be introduced by changing IT infrastructure.

After a tender process and presentations from the best respondents, Cubit Technology was judged to have the most relevant experience and the best IT migration plan and consequently offered the lowest risk. 

IT migration London

Liaising with Centor’s software developer and the operations team, Cubit compiled a comprehensive plan to transfer Centor’s servers away from the incumbent’s network and migrate email into Microsoft Office 365.

The planning sessions were detailed and took place over several weeks leading up to deadline day. On the Friday evening, email switched to the new platform and Cubit set up the virtualised servers. By Sunday, all PCs had been updated and when the office opened on Monday morning, Centor could use all required software applications and the new network performed smoothly. 

The business now has increased network security as a result of improvements to its server infrastructure and the broking team receive the high quality, responsive support that’s expected at a customer-centric business like Centor Insurance.

Microsoft Office 365 Migration - Opinium Research

Opinium Research is a leading insight agency based in London. An expanding customer base and increased headcount meant that the firm’s email system had to be replaced. It was an opportunity to move to a cloud-based email solution and reduce the possibility of service interruption. After considering Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange hosted services, Opinium decided that Microsoft Office 365 offered the best combination of features and the closest integration with their own IT infrastructure.

Cubit Technology was chosen to undertake the migration due to its experience in this area. It was critical that all email history be retained and that operations continued without interruption. 

Microsoft Office 365

Cubit’s project manager worked with Opinium and its parent company’s IT department to plan the project. One of the required outcomes was to synchronise passwords so that people could use the same password to sign on to the network as they used to access their email using Office 365.

The email migration was completed in 2 passes, one a week beforehand to transfer large volumes of mail history into the new mailboxes in Office 365, the second pass on the day of the migration so that the mailbox was completely up to date. 

On the Saturday, each PC was upgraded and mail history downloaded. On the Monday morning there was a support engineer stationed on site but there were no problems to report and Opinium was up and running on Microsoft Office 365.


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